The decision to seek counselling is not an easy one. Many of us will go through a time in our life when we will feel unsure how to make sense of what is happening to us. We may feel burdened by events in our childhood. We may struggle with ill health. The world of work can be stressful and demanding. There may be conflict in relationships or we may simply feel a deep unhappiness.

Sometimes just speaking with friends and family, or simply the passing of time itself is enough to help us find our way again. When that does not work, it can help to speak to a professionally trained counsellor or psychotherapist, someone who will not judge you or try to impose solutions but will help you find your own way forward. As an experienced counsellor I can offer help for a wide range of problems in a safe and confidential setting.

Confidentiality and trust are at the heart of a counselling relationship. As a relative newcomer to Suffolk I am aware that this can be a particular concern in small communities where everyone knows everyone.