I am trained as a Psychodynamic Counsellor, although I am familiar with other approaches such as CBT.

If you are not familiar with different counselling approaches, the Counselling Directory provides good definitions.  If you ask yourself questions such as:

“Why am I like this?”

“Does this stem from my childhood experiences?”

“Why do I feel so frightened or angry all the time?”

Then Psychodynamic Counselling is likely to be the right approach for you.

Over a long career as health professional and counsellor, I have worked to help many with issues such as building confidence, coping with loss, managing emotions, particularly anxiety and anger and improving relationships – difficulties that sometimes go back to childhood experiences.

I believe in working with the whole person. We cannot separate mind and body.  Anxiety, depression or long-term unhappiness impact on us physically over  time.  We understand that illness is aggravated by mental conflict and stress. Or that long-term stress can cause a variety of physical problems. We may find it hard to take care of ourselves properly.  Maybe you are someone who puts everyone else first.

I have particular experience in working with people who have health problems or a disability or those who are caring for someone who is unwell. I have experience of working with people with a range of conditions such as:-

Arthritis Fybromyalgia
Chronic back pain Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Medically unexplained symptons Other Long term conditions

Often, understanding ourselves and our difficulties can take time and sessions are usually open-ended for as long as you need them.  However, time-limited sessions are also available to help you improve your coping strategies and learn stress-management techniques.

I am committed to working with adults of all ages, abilities, cultures, religious beliefs or LGBTQ.

I also provide supervision to counselling trainees or mental health professionals.

I offer an initial appointment in order to gain an understanding of your needs and for us to decide if we want to work together.  The fee for this is £50.   There is no obligation at this stage as it is important that you feel comfortable and committed if you decide to attend regular sessions.  On-going fees for a 50 minute session are between £35-50 negotiable depending on your financial circumstances.